Low Emissions Community Plan

  • Aug 15, 2019

There has been lots of media coverage over the past few weeks about a new City Hall plan to cut our emissions and save energy in Saskatoon.  What many reports have missed is that the thirty year plan will actually mean new savings and not extra costs for our community.  This is actually in line with many new initiatives over the past few years that have made our environmental footprint smaller and saved millions of dollars per year.  These are savings that make a direct positive impact on the taxes we pay each year.  From increasing the energy efficiency of municipal buildings and switching to LED lighting to adding solar to leisure facilities and capturing methane gas at the landfill to generate electricity, these moves have been good for the environment and our pocketbooks.  I will continue pushing for initiatives at City Hall that will save us all money and help us be leaders in Canada for how to respect our air, water, and natural spaces.