Avoiding A New Landfill

  • Aug 1, 2018

You’ve probably seen lots in the news lately about the future of waste collection in Saskatoon.  There are two main reasons why this discussion is taking place.  

First, Saskatoon has the distinction of a poor record among Canadian cities when it comes to keeping waste out of the landfill. Just over 20% of our waste is diverted and this compares to a cities like Edmonton that keep more than 50% of their waste away from the dump.  

Second, with our current level of waste diversion, we have to start planning to build a new landfill out of town that will cost into the hundreds of millions of dollars to build in addition to increased costs to truck our garbage outside our borders.  

The case for change is strong, but we have to make sure that we get a new system right.  At this point, Council has made no final decisions about how our waste system might change, so be sure to stay engaged and involved.  

You can be sure that I will push to ensure a solution is in the best interests of Ward 10 residents while not passing huge landfill costs unfairly onto future generations.